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Heidelberg Hund und Speyer

the day started with a little morning yoga in front of the Speyer Cathedral the Meta-dog refuses to take in the view from the castle in Heidelberg both Meta-dog and baby brother were offended by the gigantic-headed fountain. (an entertaining sculpture in the tomb of the Emperors, Speyer Cathedral) Judging from the wear, the Meta-dog […]

Landsberg am Lech

Landsberg. The Lech runs through it… (this is the town where Hitler was imprisoned. While he was stuck in the prison here, he wrote Mein Kampf. Maybe he didn’t have a good view from his prison window?)    

italian greyhound in italia!

the meta-dog finally made a visit to her ancestral homeland (yeah, well i do know that technically¬†Italian¬†greyhounds originated in turkey, but nonetheless… )

31 Oktober 2009 – das Alpenhundchen im Ettal Kloster.

Ettal Abbey was founded in 1330, but has been “Baroqued Out” in the intervening years. Ben… if you’re reading this… we *may* have picked you up a treat here at the Ettal Kloster Brauerei! stopping for a little quiet meta-reflection we remembered it was Halloween just in the nick of time…