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Landsberg am Lech

Landsberg. The Lech runs through it…

(this is the town where Hitler was imprisoned. While he was stuck in the prison here, he wrote Mein Kampf. Maybe he didn’t have a good view from his prison window?)



Hammer of the Gods

Meta-dog has been in a state of winter-induced Torpor, and so we apologise for a dearth of exciting posts lately.

BUT. to make up for it, she stopped by Valhalla to hang with the other heros and gods. Although, she was not led by winged valkyries, and really it was Walhalla, the German version, and well, if you want to be picky it is also a copy of the Parthenon rather than being modeled after a Norse building despite being named Walhalla… but still.

hanging out with some of the other local heroes or gods

contemplating the blue Danube

Straubing, we learned, was “Once one of Bavaria’s most important cities”

Inhabited first by the Celts around 500 BC, then by the Romans around 180 AD, Regensburg was one of the largest cities to escape wartime destruction.

the Meta-dog always related to David, in the David & Goliath story

sitting on a bridge built in 1146… take THAT, Mr. 21st century!

italian greyhound in italia!

the meta-dog finally made a visit to her ancestral homeland (yeah, well i do know that technically Italian greyhounds originated in turkey, but nonetheless… )

Alpenhund auf Wank

The yodeling wunderhund makes her first mini-alpine ascent.

First the Wankbahn cable car:

Dr S was a little nervous at first…

…but the clouds slowly started to clear away

the Wank Haus’s Hunde Bar was Wunderbar!

.. but one must eventually go home

Meta-dog Mesmerizes München

Dr Shearer came for a visit and we took a few walks with the Meta-dog.
First we went to München:

meta was incredulous that we made a pit stop that did not include a single dog snack.

as you can imagine, at least one of these hands reached the meta-dog and quickly displaced her from this precarious position in the maw of a bronze carp.

meta-dog’s reward for a day posing in Munich? half of a weisswurst, what else?