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Monthly Archives: October 2009

31 Oktober 2009 – das Alpenhundchen im Ettal Kloster.

Ettal Abbey was founded in 1330, but has been “Baroqued Out” in the intervening years. Ben… if you’re reading this… we *may* have picked you up a treat here at the Ettal Kloster Brauerei! stopping for a little quiet meta-reflection we remembered it was Halloween just in the nick of time…

27 Oktober 2009 – Mühltalbach Mushrooms

did someone say mushrooms? meta-dog isn’t quite sure where we are… View Larger Map

Oktober 2009 – Meta-Dog goes Continental!

I am very sad to report that an SD card failure resulted in the loss of some great photos from our road trip to Seewiesen, Germany.  You’ll just have to use your imagination and picture meta-dog walking in the sun along the white cliffs of Dover, riding the Chunnel Train to France, checking out the […]