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Heidelberg Hund und Speyer

the day started with a little morning yoga in front of the Speyer Cathedral the Meta-dog refuses to take in the view from the castle in Heidelberg both Meta-dog and baby brother were offended by the gigantic-headed fountain. (an entertaining sculpture in the tomb of the Emperors, Speyer Cathedral) Judging from the wear, the Meta-dog […]


This morning we took a little walk in ___________. We heard there was a lovely view of the ____________ from that hill and the scenic overlook of the _______________ is breathtaking, I’ve been told.                          

Little Dog in Prague

24 hours in Prague, and the Meta-Dog czechs another city off her list.                                                                            

italian greyhound in italia!

the meta-dog finally made a visit to her ancestral homeland (yeah, well i do know that technically¬†Italian¬†greyhounds originated in turkey, but nonetheless… )

31 Oktober 2009 – das Alpenhundchen im Ettal Kloster.

Ettal Abbey was founded in 1330, but has been “Baroqued Out” in the intervening years. Ben… if you’re reading this… we *may* have picked you up a treat here at the Ettal Kloster Brauerei! stopping for a little quiet meta-reflection we remembered it was Halloween just in the nick of time…