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Category Archives: Castles and the like

Heidelberg Hund und Speyer

the day started with a little morning yoga in front of the Speyer Cathedral the Meta-dog refuses to take in the view from the castle in Heidelberg both Meta-dog and baby brother were offended by the gigantic-headed fountain. (an entertaining sculpture in the tomb of the Emperors, Speyer Cathedral) Judging from the wear, the Meta-dog […]

Little Dog in Prague

24 hours in Prague, and the Meta-Dog czechs another city off her list.                                                                            

Landsberg am Lech

Landsberg. The Lech runs through it… (this is the town where Hitler was imprisoned. While he was stuck in the prison here, he wrote Mein Kampf. Maybe he didn’t have a good view from his prison window?)    

Hammer of the Gods

Meta-dog has been in a state of winter-induced Torpor, and so we apologise for a dearth of exciting posts lately. BUT. to make up for it, she stopped by Valhalla to hang with the other heros and gods. Although, she was not led by winged valkyries, and really it was Walhalla, the German version, and […]

10 August – The Holy Isle of Lindisfarne

That’s right. Holy. Read all about it here: Holy Isle of Lindisfarne Meta was accompanied to this Holy Isle by the divine trio: MBC, Dr. Coodinatrix and Kirsten, see if you can spot them. View Larger Map