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Category Archives: little dog in a big city

Heidelberg Hund und Speyer

the day started with a little morning yoga in front of the Speyer Cathedral the Meta-dog refuses to take in the view from the castle in Heidelberg both Meta-dog and baby brother were offended by the gigantic-headed fountain. (an entertaining sculpture in the tomb of the Emperors, Speyer Cathedral) Judging from the wear, the Meta-dog […]

Little Dog in Prague

24 hours in Prague, and the Meta-Dog czechs another city off her list.                                                                            

Meta-dog Mesmerizes München

Dr Shearer came for a visit and we took a few walks with the Meta-dog. First we went to München:

17 Nov 2009 – Krakow walk with a Meta-Boy

The Action-boy and I  jumped on a train to Krakow and we took another walk! rule breakers! even the best dog-surrogates sometimes get tangled up in their leashes… Action-boy’s sister Jane … and a cheesy train ride back to Warsaw

15 Nov 2009 – Warsaw walks with a Meta-boy

Well friends, I traveled to Poland last week, but Meta-Dog had to stay behind in Germany. So my old friend, 3-year-old Colin Stucki was happy to fill in for the Meta-Dog on my walks in Warsaw and Krakow! So… let’s take a walk with the Action-Boy (in this first photo you can see his whole […]